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Entities connected to the families who lived throughout the years have made themselves at home.

1) Little Girl Dressed in White:  This entity has appeared to many whom have slept in these bedrooms.  Johnny Depp saw this apparition while staying here during his filming of “Dead Man.” 


2) An Elderly Female:  She appears to float around and “linger” in favorite spots on the 2nd floor.  Perhaps she is a former lady of the house?


3) A Former Colonel:  This apparition chooses to sit in the kitchen as his favorite way to pass the time. Long after his death, his presence remains, and has been felt by many psychics.


4) A Focused, Conscientious Woman:  This apparition (possibly a servant) seems to keep herself busy, making never-ending trips up and down the staircase ... in a vain attempt to complete her chores?


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